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This is the picture Cipro VPR Timothy Yu took when I visited the club on September 13, 2023. I am presenting the president’s distinguished award certificate to their current ( Victor Ho, left) and past presidents ( Raymond Cheung, middle).

With strong recommendation, encouragement, and support from my fellow Toastmasters, embarking on the role of D72 Area Director for Toastmasters has been a truly enriching experience over the past four months. As the VP of Education of my home club, I felt a sense of responsibility to extend my passion for fostering growth and development to a broader scale. Connecting proactively with all the club executives within my area has allowed me to create a collaborative and supportive environment. I created the WhatsApp group and actively used emails and the WhatsApp to connect with my executive team as soon as I have their contact information. Through regular communication, club visits to each club, our area council meeting, and recent area table topic speech contest, I’ve not only familiarized myself with the unique dynamics of every group but have also established a better rapport with the clubs. These simple yet effective approaches have proven instrumental in understanding their needs and providing tailored support for the clubs, and contributing to the overall success of the Toastmasters program in our district.

In this journey, I’ve come to realize that recognizing and nurturing talent is at the heart of building thriving Toastmasters clubs. By going with the flow and adapting strategies based on the distinct needs of each club, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact that the dedicated executives and members of the clubs can have. The results have been beautiful, with increased engagement, enthusiasm, and commitment within the clubs. I hope all of our leaders to embrace the simple methods for transformation within their respective areas. When we invest time, effort, and genuine care into the Toastmasters program, the rewards extend far beyond individual clubs, creating a ripple effect that enriches the Toastmasters experience for all members.

On a personal level, taking the leadership role, participating actively in the regular Toastmasters meetings, and following the pathway program closely, have enhanced my ability to articulate thoughts more effectively, fostering improved communication skills. Professionally, the learning and growth in Toastmasters has positioned me for a career advancement opportunity recently due to my improved communication and leadership skills and willingness to step up. Toastmaster is indeed “where leaders are made”.

Jennifer Luo (D72 area director)

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