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As volunteer leaders, excellence in our organization matters.  We work hard on so many things – paperwork, reminders, club connections, reporting, meetings and more.  You’re committed!  Me too.  I’m committed to assisting you.

One thing that’s easy to miss is appreciation.  It’s an easy thing to overlook.  We’re all super-busy, right?  It’s an important thing, though, to remember.  There are many things we are not able to give our volunteers – but this is one that’s easy and potentially cost effective.

When did you last reach out to someone – or even end a conversation – with more than “thanks”?  A sincere expression of appreciation for the work we all do goes a long way.  How about connecting with the officers in your clubs just to ask how they’re doing, and let them know they’re doing a great job?

It’s my hope to provide this short blog each week with some leadership insight and encouragement for District 123 leaders.  If there’s something you’d like to learn more about, or have an idea which might be of interest, let me know at [email protected] and include BLOG in the subject line!

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