Community Service Award

Toastmasters Meetings

The District 123 Community Service award honours a Toastmaster who has made substantial and wide spread contributions to the well being of their local community  utilizing their Toastmasters training in communications and leadership.

In addition to being a member in good standing, of a club in good standing within the district for no less than 3 years, the recipient should be a distinguished leader or outstanding speaker within the community.

Examples might include, but not limited to, a company executive who has been a spokesperson for a particular industry or trade association, a local politician who has improved the community, or a media person who is a particularly effective communicator.

In order that as much positive publicity as possible for honouring the recipient is achieved; it will be presented during the District Conference, that the recipient must attend.

As a result of the publicity focused on the award and the recipient, it is hoped that more Toastmasters will step up and take responsibility for the well being of the community.


Members who are currently serving on the District Executive Team shall not be eligible for this award.
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