Meetup – Tips & Tricks

    Meetup Tips & Tricks to Make Your Event a Success   ✏️Start a discussion onlineGet to know who’s coming by asking some questions on the event page. Guests who’ve already interacted with each other are more likely to show up. 📣 Amplify your...

Open House Preparation

How to Have An Open House to Remember? Clubs arrange Open Houses to attract new members and showcase their cubs. Who has low membership? We ALL do! It's a common October and April lament! Here are some tips that will help you setup an Open House to remember. If you...

Lead by Example

Leadership takes on so many flavours - you have the democratic leader, the authoritative one (I try to minimize this!), the bureaucrat, the coaching leader, and so many others.  Regardless of your leadership style, there’s one thing which can – or should be – readily...

Continuous Improvement

This was the title of my first speech as a Toastmaster, and it’s the mandate for my life.  I’m always striving to be better – to follow Dolly Parton’s advice “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,...


As volunteer leaders, excellence in our organization matters.  We work hard on so many things – paperwork, reminders, club connections, reporting, meetings and more.  You’re committed!  Me too.  I’m committed to assisting you. One thing that’s easy to miss is...

Welcome District 123 Clubs

Toastmasters International is a not-for-profit organization that has been helping people become better communicators and leaders since 1924. See for more information.

With over 280,000 members world-wide in 14,700+ clubs in 143 countries, we are the largest not-for-profit dedicated to self-improvement.

District 123 serves central and north-east Ontario with over 120 clubs, 2500+ members across 2200 square kilometres. We strive to help others in our communities learn and practice new skills that will help achieve their goals.

Club Officer Training

Club Officer Training

Outside District Club Officer Training


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