District 123 Elections 2023-2024

Kris Nelson, DTM, PDD

Kris Nelson, DTM, PDD

DLC Chair

District Leadership Committee (“DLC”)

The District Leadership Committee (DLC) evaluates all candidates for District elected positions and nominates the best candidate(s). The DLC is responsible to find, interview and nominate qualified candidates to lead District 123 forward – both in 2023-24 and in the years to come. It’s an important job, and one which the committee takes seriously.

Why serve as a district leader? There are so many reasons!

  • build your own leadership, team building, and mentorship skills
  • get to know Toastmaster members beyond your own club
  • support growth in members and clubs
  • help others develop their skills
  • practice inter-personal communication skills
  • inspire others to step out of their comfort zone – as you step out of your own!

All nominations are due by 11:59 pm EST February 1, 2023 to [email protected]

Candidates will be advised of their nomination status before March 18, 2023.

Elected District Positions:

Nominations for the following roles will be reviewed by the District Leadership Committee:

  • District Director (at least 1)
  • Program Quality Director (at least 1)
  • Club Growth Director (minimum 2)
  • Division Director (8 Divisions)

Nominations or submissions for Area Director are welcome and will be set aside for the incoming District Director’s review. These will not be reviewed or interviewed by the DLC.


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Please submit the following forms, completed in full, to the DLC Chair: [email protected] 

  • DLC Chair: Kris Nelson, DTM, IPDD
  • Division A: Penny Batey, DTM
  • Division B: Madhukar Shahi
  • Division C: Maxine Henry
  • Division D: Ray Lim, DTM
  • Division E: Cynthia Scott
  • Division G: Arthur Ching
  • Division M: Sol Seyedi
  • Division N: Colleen Charland, DTM

Appointed District Positions:

  • Area Directors
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Parliamentarian
  • other positions the elected District Director deems appropriate.

If you wish to serve in an appointed position, review the District Leadership Handbook for the role requirements and send the following forms below to the DLC chair [email protected]


The deadline to submit applications for 2023-2024 appointed positions will be confirmed by the 2023-2024 District Director-Elect after the Spring District Council meeting and elections.


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