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DEC District Executive Committee Meeting July 27, 2024

July 27 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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The District Executive Committee includes the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, District Public Relations Manager, District Administration Manager, District Finance Manager, Division Directors, Area Directors, and Immediate Past District Director.
Apart from these leadership roles, only individuals invited by the District Director and have specific business before the Committee may attend District Executive Committee meetings. In order to conduct business at these meetings, a quorum is required. A quorum is established when a majority of District Executive Committee members attend the meeting.

Meeting Information

Meeting Guidelines and Procedures

District 123 Procedures


Region of Peel (see for instructions)

Meeting Minutes

Display meeting minutes for this meeting (mark as draft and approved at the next DEC meeting)

Agenda & Meeting Link

Meeting Agenda: D123 DEC AGENDA_JULY 27, 2024_FINAL

Registration:  Click Here

Previous Meeting Minutes

D123 DEC Minutes – March 23, 2024 Final.pdf

Supporting and Business Documents

2024 – 2025 Speech Contest Formats and Contest Types

The video is the Board of Directors explaining a new contest type called the online speech contest and the format for 2024 – 2025 speech contests.

The Email from the Board of Directors explaining the contest format for 2024 – 2025

2024 -2025 Contest Rule Book


Motions / Business to Vote On

2024 - 2025 Additional Speech Contests resolved by District Director Heather Drakes-Blackmore, DTM

Whereas, Policy 6.0 Speech Contests directs that Districts must conduct the international speech contest, it allows for  Districts to conduct up to 3 additional English speech contests per year; and 

Whereas, In 2023/2024, the additional contest was Table Topics, and in 2022/2023 the additional contest was Evaluation, and in 2021/2022 Humourous

Whereas, The District Director must recommend additional contests to the District Executive Committee at the first meeting of the program year for approval; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, Toastmasters District 123 Toastmasters conduct the Tall Tales and Evaluation Speech Contests for the 2024/2025 Toastmasters year.

District 123 Procedures Resolution

Whereas, Districts may establish procedures to provide consistency and help guide District leaders from year to year, these District 123 Procedures are written for the purposes of clarity, integrity, and transparency within District 123 in the interest of all members, clubs and leaders and for no ulterior reason. A smooth transition from year to year prevents leaders from establishing unwanted procedures, confusion, and undue pressure, and the creation of unneeded work and establishes a strong structure.; and

Whereas, These District 123 Procedures proposals are based on the assumption all members shall have access to written procedures that are used year after year unless changed by the DEC or District Council by vote. This resolution Includes procedures for District Executive meetings and District Council meetings to ensure effective and fair meetings while teaching members parliamentary procedures. They define rules of order, time limits, members’ responsibilities, and procedures to integrate online and in-person attendance. As well as how and where meeting notices and materials are posted.; and 

Whereas, Any awards offered, along with criteria, by the District should be accessible at the beginning of the Toastmasters Year along with the process for selection of recipients to allow for proper planning and a fair and consistent processes.;and

Whereas, The following awards be removed as fairly determining deserving recipients would require excess subjectivity and might not properly recognize achievements.  The awards are: Zoom Master of the Year, Club Coach of the Year, Club Mentor of the Year, Club Sponsor of the Year, Spirit of District 123, Club of the Year, Education Leadership of the Year, Membership Leadership of the Year; and

Whereas, This resolution was created with assistance from Toastmasters International, referencing governing documents and Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised Edtion 12; therefore, be it

Resolved, Procedures relating to district-governed matters for District 123 Toastmasters be established with approval from the DEC and recorded in a document called “District 123 Procedures”, (hereinafter called “Procedures”), which will be posted on a page at entitled “District 123 Procedure”, located under the About category.

  1. The contents of the procedures are as follows found at:

District 123 Procedures

2024 - 2025 online DEC meeting resolution by District Director Heather Drakes-Blackmore, DTM

Whereas, Policy 7.1 District Events Online meetings occur as recommended by the District Director and agreed upon by a majority of the committee; and 

Whereas, District 123 is large in size, and weather can be an issue in travel; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, The DEC meetings in Jan, proposed Jan 25, 2025 and Mar, proposed Mar 22, 2025 be conducted online only.

2024 - 2025 District Leader appointments resolution by District Director Heather Drakes-Blackmore, DTM

Whereas, The District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII: Officers, states that officers appointed by the District Director are subject to the approval of the District Executive Committee; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, The following appointments be approved for presentation to the District 123 District Council on September 28, 2024.

  • Division Director G  Arthur Ching
  • Admin Manager Lisa Des Vignes
  • Finance Manager Michael Song
  • Public Relations Manager Ryan Hunter
  • Logistics Manager Bruce Richardson
  • Webmaster Josh Wang
  • Parliamentarian Dennis Bartel
  • Area Director A 41 Bentley Haughton
  • Area Director A 42 Jaikumar Nair
  • Area Director B 22 Leorry Dwyer
  • Area Director B 23 Kerval Cumberbatch
  • Area Director B 24 David Bethune
  • Area Director B 25 Patricia Williams
  • Area Director C 61 Owen Brethet
  • Area Director C 62 Jitesh Parikh
  • Area Director D 71 Nickson Mugumbate
  • Area Director D 73 Peter Milenkovski
  • Area Director E 81 Eugenio Chiguichon
  • Area Director E 83 Scott Gibson
  • Area Director G 52 Venkat Jagaduri
  • Area Director M 31 Boris Drujan
  • Area Director M 32 Vesna Cota
  • Area Director M 34 Hirem Baran
  • Area Director N 12 Richard Denton
  • Area Director N 13 Suzanne Rondeau
  • Area Director N 15 Shelly Grant

2023 - 2024 District Allignment resolution by District Director Heather Drakes-Blackmore, DTM

Whereas, The District Administrative Bylaws, Article XI: Committees, states each year, the District must review, and amend, if needed, the alignment of clubs, Areas, and Divisions within its boundaries; and

Whereas, The alignment report was approved by the District Council on May 4, 2024; however, Toastmasters International asked for suspended clubs not to be included and re-approved by the DEC; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, The following alignment of District 123 divisions and areas be approved.

Division A   FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 16 Total Area 4
Area 41
00004398 Destiny Toastmasters Club
00640216 Unionville Toastmasters Club
07544266 CGI Dynamic
00008517 Thornhill Club
Area 42
00004782 Markham Toastmasters Club
01183006 Power Speaking Toastmasters Club
03925020 GE Markham Toastmasters
04662653 Cornell Markham Toastmasters
Area 43
00009024 IBM Toronto Lab Club
01146924 Toast at Noon
02015480 Momentum Toastmasters
03638313 AECOMmunicators
Area 44
00004635 Markham SweetTalkers Club
05242727 Milliken Mills Toastmasters
07848455 STAR Toastmasters
28675885 CAIP Canada (Analytics & Insights Professionals)
Division B  FINAL Alignment 2024-2025  Total Clubs 18 Total Area 4
Area 22
01460785 Brampton Speakeasy Toastmasters
01558421 City of Brampton Toastmasters
05886451 Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters
07774023 Brampton North Toastmasters
03372733 Chez Nous Toastmasters Club
Area 23
00847686 Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club
01453413 Chosen Voices Toastmasters
01638952 Point of Tale Toastmasters
06623298 Brampton Talks Toastmasters
07886577 Brampton Be Your Best Toastmasters
Area 24
00002347 Brampton Toastmasters
00005961 Hershaw Toastmasters Club
07364691 WPOC Toastmasters
07902368 Canadian Women Physicians Toastmasters Club
Area 25
00008267 Rogers Park Toastmasters
00583417 Region of Peel Toastmasters
00972044 Speak To Inspire Toastmasters
02531837 Brampton Alpha Toastmasters

Division C FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 14 Total Area 3
Area 61
00007982 Celestica Club
00008235 Toast of The Town Club
00877549 Confidence Speaks
07398133 Moody Toaster
28676777 Eckler Speakeasy Toastmasters Charter 04/01/24
Area 62
00002303 Podium Toastmasters Club
00006047 Naturopathic Toastmasters Club
03206544 Advanced 123 Speakers
28676660 S + A Toastmasters
28676991 LCIT Toastmasters Charter 04/11/24
Area 63
00000406 Royal Toasters Toastmasters Club
00001370 Dell Canada Club
00737446 Gamely Speaking Toastmasters Club
28675487 Questrade Toastmasters
Division D FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 14 Total Area 3
Area 71
00003023 Tax Toasters Club
01227610 Kingdom Speakers
04092498 BMO IFL Toastmasters Club
00720925 Seriously Fun Toastmasters
Area 72
00003090 Scarborough Toastmasters Club
00006682 Toastmasters CIPro Club
00009808 Tall Tellers Toastmasters Club
00638096 Toastmasters CPAC-MSIT Club
07583545 Centennial Toastmasters
Area 73
00005425 Ajax-Pickering Toastmasters Club
00006809 Pickering Powerhouse Toastmasters
01651924 Ajax Outspoken Speakers
05001851 Eagle Advanced Speakers
Division E FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 19 Total Area 4
Area 81
00007338 Whitby Intrepid Toastmasters
03890689 GM Canada Toastmasters
07489836 Elite Toastmasters
07799561 Embassy Toastmasters
00002398 Oshawa Toastmasters
Area 82
00005445 Lunchtime Talkers Club
00758312 Oshawa #1 Toastmasters
01532578 City of Oshawa Toastmasters
03818262 Civil Communicators Club
01113728 Brooklin Toastmasters
Area 83
00003427 Peterborough Toastmasters Club
00005299 Lindsay & District Toastmasters Club
00936088 Kawartha Lakes Toastmasters
01251640 Spotlight Speakers
Area 84
00000368 Cobourg Toastmasters
00001617 Belleville Toastmasters Club
00003541 Bowmanville Toastmasters Club
00704673 Belleville Speak-Easy Toastmasters
01007439 Durham Region Toastmasters
Division G FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 12 Total Area 4
Area 51
00008059 North York Toastmasters Club
01115222 Apo – Toasters
04677683 Friends of the Lions Circle Toastmasters
05880100 CM Toastmasters
Area 52
00006723 [email protected] Club
00008374 Bombardier Speak Easy Club
00008568 Downsview Toastmasters Club
07322471 Weston-Mount Dennis Toastmasters Club
Area 53
00000312 New Horizons Toastmasters Club
07832237 Peel Bilingual Spanish Toastmasters
07957091 Bilingual Toastmasters du Grand Toronto
07875950 Creative Writers Guild Toastmasters
Division M Initial Alignment 2023-2024 Total Clubs 16 Total Area 4
Area 31
00003498 Speak for Success York-Simcoe
00005591 The Court of Blarney
00704523 Simcoe Shores Club
00976150 Troy Toastmasters Club
Area 32
00000096 Desjardins Toastmasters Club
00001609 Towns of York Toastmasters Club
02144636 The Newmarket Toastmasters (TNT)
07824020 Whitchurch-Stouffville Toastmasters
Area 33
01015141 Woodbridge Toastmasters 
01448795 Advanced Speakers on the Hill 
00873612 Speakers of the Hill
28675969 The Monday Night Online Toastmasters Charter 06/17/2024
Area 34
00001963 Richmond Hill Toastmasters
00698843 Golden Gavel Toastmasters
01115199 Fluid Communicators & Leaders
01697108 Hilltop Toastmasters
Division N FINAL Alignment 2024-2025 Total Clubs 19 Total Area 4
Area 12
00001373 Porcupine Toastmasters Club
00585369 North Bay and Area Club
01138042 Cementation Toastmasters
02580613 OPS North Bay
28677591 Redpath – Prospective New Club
Area 13
00002816 Sudbury Toastmasters Club
00003869 Greater Sudbury Speakers
00643540 Voix du Nord
02152194 Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters
03179448 Mots du Midi
28677264 Hatch Sudbury  Charter 04/01/2024
Area 14
00002648 Algoma Toastmasters Club
00004537 Collingwood Toastmasters Club
00007023 Sunshine Speakers Club
00008859 Echoes of The Bay Club
Area 15
00001603 Barrie Toastmasters Club
00008602 Barrie’s Small Business Club
00589834 The Talk of Alliston Club
03589490 Innisfil Toastmasters
07851394 Seasoned Speakers Advanced Toastmasters

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    July 27
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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    District Director


    10 Peel Centre Drive
    Brampton, Ontario L6T 4B9 Canada
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