District 123 Speakers Bureau

If you have any questions about the forms or Speakers Bureau in general, please email the Speaker’s Bureau Chair at [email protected]

Toastmasters Meetings

Are you a Club looking for:

    • A dynamic speaker?
    • Presenter?
    • A special occasion speaker or Master of Ceremonies

    Are you a Speaker looking for:

      • Speaking opportunity
      • Presenting a keynote to a larger audience
      • Building confidence honing your skills and maximizing your potential
    Toastmasters Meetings

    District 123 Speakers Bureau

    What is the District 123 Speakers Bureau?

    The Speakers Bureau is an important and unique initiative for both the Speaker and the Club.

    How it works:

    For the Club, the District 123 Speakers Bureau can connect you with dynamic Toastmaster Speakers to enhance your meetings or give a boost to and exhilarate your event!

    For the Speaker, the District 123 Speakers Bureau can connect you with speaking opportunities to build confidence, further develop and hone your speaking and presentations skills to an unfamiliar larger audience, or speak outside of Toastmasters events.

    Looking for guest speakers for your Club or special event?

    If your club is hosting an event and in need of a speaker, please complete the “Request a Speaker” form by clicking here.

    Disclaimer: May not be able provide a speaker with exact requirement.

    Would You Like to maximize your potential? Become a Speaker’s Bureau Presenter.

    If you are a Toastmasters member who wants to build your confidence, hone your skills and maximize your potential, then join the Speakers Bureau.

    Complete the “Apply to become a member….” form by clicking here.

    Speaking Engagement Policies

    When representing District 123 and the Speakers Bureau, Toastmaster Speakers shall:

    • acknowledge representation of Toastmasters and District 123 programs and practices.
    • ensure that every speech is free of any commercial, sales or promotions.
    • not charge fees, commissions or contractual payments for services but may accept a meal, modest gifts, an honorarium and/or remuneration for mileage expenses. 
    • provide description and contact information related to each service and report back to the Speakers Bureau after each engagement.
    • request a formal evaluation and submit this evaluation to the Speakers Bureau.


    • Must be an active, paid member of a paid club in District 123.
    • Speakers are required to have completed the Toastmasters Levels 1 and 2 in Pathways.
    • Strong desire to speak outside the club to organizations and community groups.
    • Ability to craft and deliver a presentation longer than 5-7 minutes. May have requests of our Speakers Bureau members to present for 30 minutes or longer, depending on the outside organization’s need. The outside organization may provide the topic or select your signature speech/title.
    • Present a 10-15 minute audition speech with successful score by a qualified panel of evaluators. Your performance will be judged against a standard level of excellence of professional public speaking.


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