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District 123 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
July 9 2022
District 123 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
Joel Dawson, DTM, Regional Advisor
Jenilee Taylor, DTM, PDD, PRA Moments of Truth
Dawn Frail, DTM, PDG, Distinguished Club Plan
Jing Humphreys, DTM, PDD, Club Success Plan
Maddy Nanayakkara, DTM, PDD Membership Building 101
Lisa Wilson, DTM, President
Tony Nelson, DTM, VP Education & Pathways workshop
Leslie Benfield, DTM, PQD Elect and Diane Paton-Sutherland, DTM, CGD-Elect VP Membership
Nikolina Ivankovic, VP Public Relations
Shukla Datta, DTM, Secretary
Johnson Soans, DTM, Treasurer
Wayne Tuttle, DTM, Sergeant at Arms
Jun 11, 2022
Be a Successful Leader
Jacklyn Payne
Peter Bhatti
Trinh Lu
Kiran Pothula
May 19, 2022
Membership Building Panel: Speechcraft and Club Coach
Speechcraft Panel:
  1. Jagruti Damania
  2. Ray Lim, DTM

Club Coach Panel

  1. Shukla Datta, DTM
  2. Daniel Pereira

Moderator: Leslie Benfield, DTM

March 12, 2022
Program Quality Member Orientation
  1. Iona Rodricks, DTM
  2. Leslie Benfield, DTM
  3. Diane Paton-Sutherland, DTM
  4. Tania Ferus, DTM

Feb 21, 2022

March 7, 2022

TLI/COT – Workshops
February 12, 2022
Quality Club Roundtable
  1. Iona Rodricks, DTM
  2. Tania Ferus, DTM
  3. Diane Paton-Sutherland, DTM
  4. Michelle Rich, DTM
January 28, 2022
Pathways Primer Tony Nelson, DTM January 17, 2022 Yes
Lights, Camera, Action! Danny Chan, DTM January 10, 2022
Your Guide to Creating a Compelling Speech Introduction Wayne Tuttle, DTM December 6, 2021

COT Dec 4th Various Workshops

  1. Distinguished Clubs
  2. Marketing your Toastmasters Club Get the Word Out
  3. Pathways Workshop
  4. Successful Speech Contests
  5. Moments of Truth
  1. Rhonda Mauer, DTM
  2. Rhonda Mauer, DTM
  3. Tony Nelson, DTM
  4. Deborah Mcgrath, DTM
  5. Rozy Rana, DTM
December 4, 2021
Moments of Truth for Corporate Clubs Jennifer Jones, DTM November 16, 2021
Your Leadership Legacy Ross Mackay, DTM, PID November 1, 2021 Yes
Club Sponsor, Mentor, Coach Workshop John Rich, DTM October 2, 2021 Yes
Easy-Speak Made Easy! Tania Ferus, DTM September 25, 2021 Yes
Pathways Orientation Tony Nelson, DTM September 24, 2021

Parliamentary Procedures 101

How to Organize an Online Event

Dennis Bartel, DTM

Danny Chan, DTM

September 18, 2021



Implementing Hybrid Meetings Bruce Richardson, DTM August  30, 2021


Effective Speech Contest

Speech Contest Judge Workshop

Michael Proudlock, DTM

Stephen Dow, DTM

August 7, 2021
  1. Leadership
  2. Building a Championship Club
  3. Pathways Workshop
  4. Moments of Truth
  5. Distinguish your club in 5 months or less
  6. How to write a Club Success Plan
  1. Ted Cocoran, DTM, PIP
  2. Lance Miller, DTM, WCPS
  3. Tony Nelson, DTM
  4. David Veights, DTM
  5. Dian Paton-Sutherland
  6. Ken Weinberg, DTM
July 24, 2021
Building New Clubs Alfred Herzing, DTM, PIP July 10, 2021 Yes
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