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District 123 History

Past District leaders, speech contest winners, "Of the Year" and "Service" award winners.

Past District Leaders

2022 Kris Nelson, DTM Iona Rodricks, DTM Leslie Benfield, DTM JD Thomas Sue Faludi, DTM Santosh Pahwa Marina Ross
2023 Iona Rodricks, DTM Leslie Benfield, DTM Diane Paton-Sutherland, DTM Michelle Rich, DTM, PDG Michael Proudlock, DTM Chelsea Zheng Tony Bratschitsch, DTM
2024 Leslie Benfield, DTM Mark Blackmore Heather Drakes, DTM Ryan Roach Diane Paton-Sutherland, DTM Jayrani Bungsy Eva Britton, DTM

District Speech Contest Winners

District Table Topics and International Speech Contest 2024

District 123 Table Topics Contest Winners!<br />
First Place: Roger Caesar<br />
Second Place: Jennifer Magee<br />
Third Place: Kelly Garant<br />

Table Topics 2024

International Speech 2024

International Speech Contest 2024

* Roger Caesar, DTM D86 (District win D86, after District split Jul 1 2021, International win D123)

Year End First Second Third Contest Type World Status
2021 Roger Caesar, DTM * International 3rd WCPS
2022 Alexandre Matte, DTM Mario Keriakedes, DTM Deborah Walker International 2nd WCPS
2022 Amparo Cifuentes, DTM Alexandre Matte, DTM Qiuyuan (Vanessa) He Humourous
2023 Mary Pomeroy-Brown Hitesh Parmar, DTM Brian Stanton International Semi Finals WCPS
2023 Nikita Williams Aditi Bharwaj Kavitha Karunakaran Evaluation
2024 Roger Caesar DTM Jennifer Magee Kelly Grant Table Topics
2024 Aditi Bhardwaj Ayesha Hussain Diren Dantanaryana International
Smiling man shaking hands with a smiling wome

Are evaluated based on a number of qualifications achieved during the year in service to your club, or District. Other factors, such as exemplifying the Toastmasters' values of Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence, are also taken into consideration and play a major role in the decision. "Of The Year" awards highlight exemplary service from Club Presidents, Area Directors, and Division Directors.

Year End Award Name Club Area Div
2023 President Zack Dawood, DTM CGI Dynamic
2023 Area Director Bernadette Ambe D72
2023 Division Director Ray Lim D
2023 Toastmaster Alexandre Matte, DTM
2023 Community Service Dr. Joan Heels
2023 Exemplary Service Shukla Datta, DTM
2022 President Dhammika Perera Bowmanville Toastmasters
2022 Area Director Zack Dawood A41
2022 Division Director Claire Zheng A
2022 Toastmaster Tony Nelson, DTM
2022 Community Service Michelle Spear
People Talking
Awarded at the Annual District Conference. Service awards highlight achievements of Non-Toastmasters, Toastmasters in service to their community, and Toastmasters in service to the District, and Toastmasters as a whole.

Nomination forms must be submitted by February 20 in the current Toastmasters year to [email protected]

Year End Award Name Info Website Club
2023 Community Service Dr. Joan Heels
2023 Exemplary Service Shukla Datta, DTM
2023 Communication & Leadership Bernice Carnegie Bernice Carnegie Legacy
2022 Community Service Michelle Spear
2022 Communication & Leadership Mike Shoreman Mike Shoreman Interview
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