It is my pleasure to serve as the Club Growth Director for District 123 in its 2nd year.

As we emerge from a worldwide pandemic we must seek opportunities to build our clubs back stronger. Whether your club will continue to meet online, switch back to in-person, or attempt a hybrid meeting format .. our future is unclear. However, we must all see opportunities to grow and thrive in this new normal.

Whether you are from an established club or a new club, the Club Growth Team will partner with you to help you understand and pursue your strengths, and also provide resources to realize your full potential.

Contact me (Diane Paton-Sutherland, [email protected])  if you would like to volunteer with us or within a club. There are opportunities for any level of experience, interest, or availability!

Opportunities to Volunteer

Want to volunteer?  Check here.

Here are the types of opportunities to volunteer:

  • Club Extension Team: Scouts in the lookout for opportunities for a new club, in our District. Prospective sponsoring organizations could be those with 300 or more employees, which never had a Toastmaster club OR had one in the past.
  • Club Sponsors: Do you have an idea for a new club? Let’s make it happen! Don’t worry–you don’t have to do it alone. The new clubs Kickoff team will work closely with you and help you throughout the process. As a sponsor you will be recognized by Toastmasters International and by our District as well.
  • Club Mentors: Mentors work with a newly chartered club for 6-12 months, helping that club establish itself. Your guidance assists the new club to begin on a solid footing. You’ll also get official recognition from Toastmasters International and District 123.
  • Club Coaches: Coaches work with clubs having fewer than 12 members to grow membership and increase momentum, so that the club becomes Distinguished. Successful Club Coaches get official recognition from Toastmasters International. This credit can be applied to your application to be a Distinguished Toastmaster.
  • NEW! Club Consultants: Consultants will work on with clubs having 13-19 members, identify 1-2 areas where the club could improve so that membership goes up. Enhance your leadership skills and PR skills, while helping a club. Email [email protected] for more details.
  • Club Open Houses: Hold an Open House to spread awareness of your club and its unique culture in your community, adding new members in the process. Planning and having an Open House is a great exercise in leadership and team building for your club, and it also helps strengthen your membership. Here are some tips for organizing an Online Open House. There are prizes to be won by clubs that organize an open house.
  • Online Speechcraft Program: Present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-Toastmasters over 4 to 8 sessions. This is also an excellent way to grow your club’s membership as Speechcraft graduates often join the club and now the projects are transferred into Pathways. Being a Speechcraft coordinator counts toward the Pathways DTM.
  • Youth Leadership Program: Bring the benefits of Toastmasters to a younger generation! YLP coordinators run 8 weekly Toastmasters sessions with students ages up to 17 years old.


Open Opportunities

Be a Club Coach Today

Contact the Club Growth Director, [email protected], today and take the next step to helping another club grow and prosper.

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