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Pathways, Your Path To Better Communication And Leadership

Do you want to improve your presentation skills at work?  Perhaps you wish to be more persuasive in your community or be able to add humour to any situation.  That is what Pathways does, it helps you learn and develop skills that matter to you.

With 11 different paths, each dedicated to the development of specific skills, there’s a path to help you become the communicator or leader you want to be.

It starts with an assessment to determine what skills you are looking to grow and presents you with suggested paths to your success.  The paths are shown below:

Pathways Paths

So which path is right for you?  Here is how each path builds your skills:

Pathways Path Descriptions

With Pathways you learn and progress at your own pace.  Participating in club meetings with the support of your fellow members there are a lot of benefits:

  • The opportunity to build up to 300 unique competencies.
  • Online content, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-world, transferable skills.
  • Content available in Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese, with select paths available in Korean and Tamil.

Each path consists of individual projects.  Most are speeches where you will go through a training module to learn a specific skill then present using the skills you have learned.  You pick the topic and what you want to say.  A fellow Toastmaster will give you valuable, constructive feedback on how you achieved your goals in the project and some tips on how to grow further.  When done, you simply log into Pathways and report on how you feel you grew.

When you complete two paths you become a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest level of achievement in Toastmasters.

How do you want to grow?  Which path will you take?

Toastmaster at computer


Frequently Asked Questions about Pathways, no mater your level of experience.

Pathways Paths


Latest updates on Pathways program.

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Guidance on working with and through Pathways and Base Camp.

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A list of trainers in your Division to help your executive and members achieve success in Pathways.

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