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Because of Toastmasters – Global Campaign

On March 23 2022, Toastmasters Internationallaunced a promotional campaign working with 28 districts around the world, and District 123 is joining in.

A series of ads ran on LinkedIn for several weeks targeting users in Ontario.  They saw images like the ones below with viewers encouraged to reach out to clubs to find out how they can benefit from Toastmasters.

       TM The Job Promo

With prospective members clicking on these ads, they were taken to the Find A Club page on the Toastmasters International website.  Since they will be potentially in your area you will want to be sure your club is ready.

Download the campaign PDF below to see the details of the promotion.  Be sure your club is ready by following the ideas in the Preparation Tips PDF.  We have also included a simple template your can use to respond to guest inquiries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your club.

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    Campaign Information

    See what the images that Toastmasters International will be running in ads.  Find out the demographics of the people they will be targeting.  Know what people will be seeing when they call your club to find out how you can help them.  Download Here.


    Preparation Tips

    Will your club be ready when the guest call?

    Converting a guest to a member is easy when you are ready.  Here is a simple list to help your club be prepared.  Download Here.


    Email Template

    Ever have problems with knowing just how to respond to inquiries about your club?

    Here is a simple, formatted template that you can fill in and send off.  Download Here.

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