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Thank you for taking on a role to help your club members, your club, and Toastmasters! I hope you find it a rewarding experience!

Toastmasters and District 123 are here to support clubs. One way in which the district provides support is to provide club officer training for their club officer role. There will be at least eight divisional club officer training (COT) opportunities in District 123, plus district-organized sessions (called TLIs), for each of round 1 (June 1-August 31) and round 2 (November 1-February 28). The club receives credit when the club officer successfully completes COT.

If you are able, attending a D123 session is always recommended. However, you can attend any club officer training session in the world.

If you attend a COT session hosted by a district other than District 123, District 123 must receive notification – i.e. an email – from the other district that you participated in their training. Zoom meeting screen shots and/or registration confirmation emails are not acceptable for credit.

It is recommend that, immediately after training, you email the trainer and/or PQD in the other district asking them to immediately email [email protected] and cc: you, with your name, club, club’s division and area #, club officer role, date of training, and their district information (see below example) to confirm your training to District 123. This way, there is no confusion when it comes time for D123 to give credit for training received.

The email to the other district’s PQD and/or session’s trainer might look like this:

to: whomever@DistrictXX
cc: Your_email; [email protected]
subject: COT


I am YOUR ROLE for YOUR CLUB (District 123, Division X, Area X). I participated in your District XX club officer training for the YOUR ROLE role today, DATE, 2024, at X:00 am/pm via Zoom. Can you please “reply all” at your earliest convenience confirming my participation to my program quality director so my club can receive credit for my participation?

Thank you,

Please direct any questions to [email protected]. Best wishes for a successful year!

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