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How to Have An Open House to Remember? Clubs arrange Open Houses to attract new members and showcase their cubs.

Who has low membership? We ALL do! It’s a common October and April lament!

Here are some tips that will help you setup an Open House to remember.

If you are a Corporate club, enlist the Human Resources department and line managers to promote a corporate kickoff meeting through their internal channels, such as a companywide email, closed-circuit video, or by posting or distributing fliers.

If you are a community club, through word of mouth, personal invitations, and social media.  Post flyers in busy, public places such as bulletin boards, libraries, stores, university arenas, gyms, cafes. Use branded materials from the Toastmasters website.

 Post event on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram pictures and other social media channels. Create promotional videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Link videos to your posts.
  • Use Meetup or other networking sites to promote. Spread the word through word-of-mouth.
Look for other event posting sites in your geographical location, e.g., do an internet search using your town/city name and “event” and post to that site.
Invite past members and visitors to your Open House.
Use low/no cost media outlets such as smaller community publications, trade magazines or local access television channels. Offer to do live interviews with a media outlet or podcaster.
Invite family, neighbours, co-workers. Mention the event at parties, church, school, community gatherings, while running errands.
Continually post, email, hang event fliers. Do NOT become irritating or pushy.
Use Toastmasters tools:

 New Club Information Kit

By:  Michelle Rich, DTM, PDG District 123 Public Relations Manager

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