District 123 Club Officer Training

Toastmasters Leadership Institute – June 3.

Nominations for Of The Year Awards

Nominations are open until June 15, 2023 for the Of The Year awards:

The following positions will be considered:

Club President of the Year           Area Director of the Year

Division Director of the Year      Toastmaster of the Year

Publicist of the Year

Forms are linked on the “Awards” page.

Submit all forms to [email protected] by June 15, 2023


Toastmasters International Corporate Appreciation Award 2023

Accepting the award on behalf of Cementation Americas, Area Director John Cooney, DTM, and Managing Director, Cementation, and Cementation Toastmasters charter member, Roy Slack.

Congratulations Cementation Americas.

Region of Peel

Toastmasters International Corporate Appreciation Award 2023:

Dawn Frail, DTM, International Director, on behalf of Toastmasters International, presents the Region of Peel with a Corporate Appreciation award for the support they provide to Toastmasters International. Steve MacEachern, Club President, Region of Peel Toastmasters and Region of Peel Chairman, Nando Iannicca.

DISTRICT 123 International Speech Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 District 123 International Speech Contest Winners! Wishing you all the best at the quarter-finals (Regionals)

Mary Pomeroy-Brown!

Listen to the interview with Mary Pomeroy-Brown, brought to you by Grace Archibald, Social Media Manager, District 123

DISTRICT 123 Evaluation Contest Winners 2022-2023!

Congratulations to our District 123 Evaluation Contest 2022-2023 Winners!


District 123 Conference April 28-30 2023 PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS

District 123 Conference Highlights in Pictures April 28 to 30, 2023

Conference Pictures

Conference Pictures-Day1

Conference Pictures-Day2


Thank You, District 123 Conference Volunteers

Congratulations to the Area Directors That Have Completed Their Area Visits

Congratulations to our Division M Director Sol Seyedi for 100% Area Director reports submitted!

Congratulations to Area Directors who have 100% completed Phase 2 Area Visits. Good Job Everyone!

Pradosh Nag, DTM Area A41 Petra White Area B21 Cynthia Bondoc Area D74 Joshua Woo Area D71
Olga Barone Area D75 Dolores Baptiste B23 Joan Miller Area C63 Cindy Wackett Area M31
David Chilvers, DTM Area E84 Donald Coore B24 Joan Miller Area C64 John Cooney, DTM Area N12
Anton Coetzee, DTM Area M32 Cynthia Dwyer M34 Marc Angeles Area C65 Tatiana Hyde Area M35
Terence Richards Area G52 Michael Wader, DTM Area M33

District 123 Leaders 2023-2024 Year

Congratulations 2023-2024 elected leaders. Their term begins July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

District 123 Call For Area Directors 2023-2024

YOU have what it takes. You’ve been Club President, and/or Club Vice-President Education. Your next step on your leadership journey in Toastmasters is Area Director. YOU are ready to step outside your club! YOU are a LEADER!

Welcome to District 123

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