District Council Documentation and FAQ

Attendees must be authorized to attend by the District Director. If you are having difficulty registering for Credentials or Zoom link, please contact the District Director.


Authorized:  District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager, Immediate Past District Director, Division Directors, Area Directors, Club Presidents and Club VP Educations In Good Standing, Parliamentarian, Logistics Manager.

REMINDER:  All requests for additions to New Business on the agenda, must be submitted in writing to the District Director by no later than September 10, 2022, [email protected] or [email protected]

District Council Documentation

**Documents May Be Updated As Required

Document Download/Links
0. District 123 Council Standing Rules** Download Standing Rules
01. District Executive Committee (DEC) Appointments DEC Appointments
02. District 123 Council Meeting Minutes – 7 May 2022 Meeting Minutes May 7, 2022
03. District 123 Council Agenda – 21 Sep 2022 7:00 – 9:00 PM** Download Agenda
04. D123 SPEECH CONTESTS 2022-2023 10SEP22 Speech Contests Reference
06. Alignment Committee Report Alignment Report
07. Budget 2022-2023 Budget Report
08. Program Quality Report To Be Added
09. Club Growth Director Report To Be Added
10. Public Relations Report PR Report
11. Finance Manager Report To Be Added


Question Link
Who is Part of the District Council?


Note:  The TI link has not been updated to reflect new guidelines with regards to No Proxies.

New Guidelines:

A club has 2 votes – President and VP Education. A Club can decide if President will carry 2 votes, both carry 1 vote or VPE carries 2 votes.

How Do I Attend?

Register for Credentials

Register for Meeting Attendance – Zoom

Can I attend if NOT part of the District Council? Not At this Meeting
Why Do I need to register for Credentials before the Meeting? As part of the credentialing process, the Credentials Chair needs to determine quorum for the meeting. It is recommended that a survey be issued to District Council members prior to the meeting. The survey will ask for the representative’s (or both representatives’) name, member number, position, and whether the club’s representative(s) will be attending on-site or online (if applicable). The survey must also include the latest date that the club may change their representatives.
What is the Last Date That I can Change my Club’s Representative (Pres or VPE) at the Council Meeting September 10, 11:59 PM

Club Leadership Handbook

District Recognition Program

Serving Clubs Through Visits

District Council

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